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2024 Porter Peach Festival Pageant

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A message from the Porter Peach Pageant Director, Krystal Miller.

     I want to start off by saying I am so proud of each and every girl who competed in the Porter Peach Festival Pageant. I know it takes a lot of courage to try something new or continue to do something that challenges you, so I applaud all the girls for their bravery. On the first day of practice Tonya and I were so excited to see so many new and returning faces. It makes my heart happy to hear some of the reasons why the girls chose to compete, and the personal goals they set for themselves besides winning the crown for their category.

     This is only my second year as director, and I am still learning and will continue to learn how to help the girls gain skills that will help them succeed not only in the pageant world, but also in real life. I have always strived to make this a positive and impactful experience for each girl. I am only able to grow the pageant, and make it a bigger and bigger event each year because I have an amazing team that supports me and believes in my vision. There are truly so many people I am thankful for. There isn’t anyone else I would rather do this with than Tonya Springsted. She always helps me with anything I need, and she fills in any gaps I have. Our leadership styles complement each other, she is the sugar to my spice, and she has such a caring heart.

     Thank you to Brian, Brenda, Steve, Kent, Joy, Marjorie, Shirley, Carmelo, Oscar, Edwin, Uriel, Sergio, Dominic, Kelly, Rian, Megan, Jaycie, Sherrie, Morgan, Cory, Derick, Max, Jake, and anyone else who jumped in. Thank you for helping run the concession stand, admission table, decorate, set up, tear down, running last minute errands, pick up chicken, all the behind the scenes things, and so much more! Thank you to Melanie for making the score sheets, and helping count People’s Choice Money. Thank you to Amy White for being our emcee. Thank you, Megan Owens Rohr, for taking photos literally all day on Saturday and taking head shots. I am thankful to: Eryn Owens, Taylor Gort, Jessica Barker, Shannon Overocker, and Rachel Davis for spending all day with us Saturday helping to find the new Peach Queens.

     I can’t wait to see these girls in action this year volunteering within the Porter Community. Be sure to come say hi to each Peach Queen at the 58th Annual Porter Peach Festival July 18th, 19th, and 20th 2024.


Here are the list of winners from the night. 


Highest Ticket Sales

1st – Eimy Ledezma

2nd – Marlie Moreland 


Director’s Award – Jaycie Ridgway 

Talent Winner - Sutton White


Contestant Posters

1st – Jennifer Ledezma 

2nd – Eimy Ledezma

3rd – Kaitlyn Marroquin



1st – Rian Seals

2nd – Jennifer Ledezma 

3rd – Kylie Doublebower


Theme Wear 

1st – Eimy Ledezma 

2nd – Rian Seals

3rd - Maleigha Conard


Formal Wear 

1st – Evelyn Flores

2nd – McKenna White

3rd – Eimy Ledezma 


Top 5 People’s Choice 

4th Runner Up – Creadyn Myers 

3rd Runner Up – Marlie Moreland

2nd Runner Up – Ella Helms

1st Runner Up – McKenna White

2024 People’s Choice – Jaycie Ridgway


Top 5 Little Miss Peach 

4th Runner Up – Alexa Dawson

3rd Runner Up – Marlie Moreland

2nd Runner Up – Weslynn Seals

1st Runner Up – Ella Helms

2024 Little Miss Peach – Evelyn Flores 


Top 5 Miss Peach Bud 

4th Runner Up – Darrly Hale

3rd Runner Up – McKenna White

2nd Runner Up – Kaitlyn Marroquin 

1st Runner Up – Kylie Doublebower

2024 Miss Peach Bud – Eimy Ledezma 


Top 2 Miss Peach Blossom 

1st Runner Up – Adele Hale

2024 Miss Peach Blossom – Sutton White 


Top 2 Miss Peach 

1st Runner Up – Addisyn Oden

2024 Miss Peach – Rian Seals

Top 2 Miss Peachy Keen 

1st Runner Up – Karlie Guinn

2024 Miss Peachy Keen – Jennifer Ledezma 


Want to see more photos? Click on the photo album. 

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