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Contact Information

Contact information for different aspects of the festival are listed below. Please be sure to read through the list to make sure you're contacting the right person. Thanks! 

Bands and Entertainment

Contact Nathan Kilgore at

 (918) 232-6655

Arts & Crafts Booths and Food Vendors 

Contact OSU Extension Office at


Culinary Contest

Contact Krystal Livesay at

 (918) 441-1444


22/23 Porter Lion's Club President

Contact Krystal Livesay at

(918) 441-1444

(Texting is Better)


Festival Chairman

Contact Alan Parnell at

(918) 636-3094

5K Run

Contact Brad Criner at

(918) 231-4277


Peach Pageant

Contact Jenna Dupree at

(918) 636-5027 (Text First Please)

Porters Got Talent

Contact Melanie Merritt at

 (918) 869-0362

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